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Story Teller

Ch23 One thing I learned making a viral video is that it doesn’t always go the way you intended to be. Something that you may find mindless dribble can be something to a whole audience. An example of this was discussed in Storyteller uprising. Old spice a men toiletries company created a unique campaign. It is noted to be the most viral video. This chapter personifies success such as this may need practice, creative ideas and using all platforms of media.
Ch24 This chapter details the questions that one needs to ask themselves when creating a video that you want to become viral. Knowing what audience and outcome you seek is important. Making a video for cats are great but are you going to post it on a chartroom. Things one should also keep in mind is what story is being told, how can it get syndicated, and which format will be used.
Ch25 The book StoryTeller constantly reminds us that the media is ever changing and that new forms of media is being used to share an idea. When MySpace came about a few years back everyone had a “space” now it’s mainly used as music forum. When a story is shared through various media it can be distribute to different audiences.

storyteller uprising: trust and persuasion in the digital age by: hanson hosein

Hanson Hosein solidifies his messages of the global community. He strives for a interactive connection between storytellers and its audiences so he created a plethora of ways to obtain his very book. It can be purchased, or read on a free PDF format. If any changes are made or new information is created it will be noted for the public to see. Hosein practices this mantra with the creation of his Mom & Pop film. Small business owners told their own stories on camera rather than a third person. Viewers instead of watching the video and blowing it off were touched by the owners story. It’s the kind of human reaction Hosein strives for in storytelling. Films such as Mom & Pop and Detroit rising tell meaningful stories with the help of various tools. “Software, computers, cameras have all become considerably more accessible over the last two decades. The HD technology that I used to shoot that particular film cost less than $10,000. Ten years ago, it would have set me back six figures”(Hosein99). It is easier to go pro than one expected. Everyone with a camera can become a videographer. Already installed programs like Imoive, or Movie makers, can be easily found on ones computer. Hosien gives a list of what he believes are the essential tools. Some Included ultraportable notebook computer, A point-and-shoot camera, A non-linear editing system, A basic lighting kit. Hanson Hosein Idea of a global community is not farfetched as it seemed long ago. The media tools that are available allows us to created story to tell. And we can share it with the world and get their input on it. It creates a global community.

storyteller uprising: trust and persuasion in the digital age by: hanson hosein

“Media begins with good storytelling”(Hosein78) In today’s market, companies don’t always need to do the storytelling; with the various platforms to tell a story you can give the chance to let people do it for you. Ford allowed gave the chance for people to test out the Ford Fiesta. They would do little challenge and essentially share their experiences. I remember when my favorite YouTube star TimothyDelaGhetto ( began producing videos as he was a part of the challenge. Ford was able to connect to me through a messenger (Timothy) thus I became aware of their product and could relate to it.

As chapter 18 explained that media allows communication through multiple channels; Chapter 19 explains the methods of storytelling that will create a trust. Journalism although may be dying is seeing new life through a different lens. Allowing a bridge between the two is key.“That’s the uprising of our digital age — people seizing Control of communication by building ongoing credible. Connection through story and digital technology. “(Hosein84) People want to communicate with others. Businesses like Ford have done that. Another car company Chevy created a contest where people could use clips to create a commercial for them the results weren’t good. ( Hosein explains that one must tell a compelling enough story to win the trust and loyalty of the community.

The video above is news story created by a fellow college student. The video is about college students thoughts on the sometimes costly Holiday. The students offer places where they turn for gifts and shared their thoughts on a good gift to give. The news package was reported by D’Atra Montgomery for Troy Trojan Vision News; Troy University News program. I thought there were plenty of good visuals for the topic at hand. Given that this is a piece on gift giving I believe she had good visuals. She included images of items people wanted, and had b-roll of the exchanging of money, various stores, and long lines. As a college student without any experience learning the same video journalism skills as Montgomery, I found a interest in this field; I love the process of creating a piece that I am proud of, I hope to produce packages such as this.

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zhang jingjing 2013 ss haute couture - china fashion week

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storyteller uprising: trust and persuasion in the digital age by: hanson hosein

Chapter 16&17

In any good action movie there is a good idea behind it.The Action Idea best describe as the “mission statement of a story.” (Hosein69) The idea itself is a starting point of the story but also keeps the story on track. Aligning the action set the plots and produces what we want to communicate to others. A perfect example would be The Godfather which although may seem vast, its action idea can be broken into three main parts. Tell stories through mediums such as film has the ability to connect with audience because the visual aspects makes it come more alive. “Technology can be a huge distraction to what is at the heart of all media: storytelling, and our irresistible need for narrative.”(Hosein74)

Games such as World of Warcraft or SIMs have allowed people to interact with people from around the world. ARGs or Alternate reality games have become a portal for storytelling.There is power in communicating ones story. Elan Lee states the “If you want to manipulate someone, telling them do something is almost 100% ineffective…Engage with them; make them feel a connection through characters, through emotion, through conflict.” (Hosein 76) Just as a game allows the audience to participate, they feel a part of the story. Offering bonuses or hidden levels makes them feel a part of the story; not realizing that they may be swayed to certain ideas.

ABC new did an excellent job covering Hurricane Sandy.While I didn’t watch any news coverage prior to the storm(due to my stubbornness, believing Sandy would be nothing more than a small storm). During and after the storm, I wanted was up to date information. This news coverage gave viewers a look at the destruction caused by the storm. People with out power (like me) might not have realize what damage was done.